Do you have extreme tooth pain?

We can all appreciate a beautiful and healthy smile. Healthy teeth equate a healthy and happy smile. The health of each of your teeth is an important consideration, as our teeth play a role in our speech, our ability to enjoy our favourite foods, and also in our self-confidence. At times however, teeth need to be extracted for various reasons.

At Bagenalstown Dental we will always aim to save your tooth, and will only extract your tooth if it is completely necessary.  A tooth extraction can help you to remove infection, and pave the way for a restored beautiful, healthy smile.

It relief your pain

Reasons for needing a tooth extraction

There are any number of reasons that it might become necessary to extract a tooth. Your dentist may suggest that a tooth be removed if it has cracked in a manner that proves it impossible to repair, or if there is advanced and severe decay. Some teeth, particularly wisdom teeth, need to be extracted in order to avoid crowding. Teeth may also be removed if you are preparing for braces, to help straighten and correct a number of concerns.

As mentioned earlier, we will aim to save your teeth and prevent extraction via hygienist treatments and cleaning, tooth fillings, root canals, crowns and more restorative dental treatments.

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  • The process of tooth extraction

    Prior to the extraction procedure, your dentist will completely numb the gum and the tooth. Patients should feel nothing more than pressure during the extraction procedure. The pressure will be from the tooth being rocked firmly back and forth, in order to expand the socket, loosen the roots, and ultimately pull it free from your jawbone.

    In some more complicated tooth extractions, the tooth may need to be broken up and removed in pieces. This may sound alarming to the patient, but it’s fairly common when teeth are impacted, have curved roots, or are simply just anchored well within the socket.

  • What happens if you delay tooth extraction?

    Any number of concerns could escalate into a much more serious dental problem, if you do not address a decayed or broken tooth as soon as you are able to. Decay from the affected tooth could spread, and ultimately enter into your blood stream.

    Patients who seek out dental advice due to pain in the infected tooth may find that there is little to no relief to be had until the tooth is completely removed from their mouth. A toothache can be quite debilitating, and can lead to missed sleep and general discomfort and pain.

    Wisdom teeth that are impacted or putting pressure on the molars next to them can lead to infection, decay, and a shifting of your once-straight teeth.

    Extracting troublesome teeth can help you to keep your mouth healthy.

  • Is a tooth extraction painful?

    The extraction process should not be painful, at all. Your tooth and surrounding gums will be completely numb. You will not be able to feel any pain while the tooth is being manipulated and removed.

    With the right aftercare, you should not experience any pain once you get home from your appointment. You may experience a little bit of tenderness, but you should be able to control that with over the counter pain medications.

    Patients who are somewhat nervous about the tooth extraction procedure should consider that any discomfort felt will be minimal, particularly when compared to the agony of a toothache. Removing a problematic tooth can help to restore that healthy and happy smile you deserve.

General Dental Treatments

  • Hygiene Treatment with Hygienist (30 mins)
  • Hygiene visit for PRSI patients
  • Fillings – White
  • Fillings – Silver
    from €90
  • Extraction
  • Acrylic-based Dentures
  • Metal-based Dentures
  • Root Canal Treatment (tax allowable)
  • Crowns (tax allowable)
  • Implant Restoration (tax allowable)
    €1100 per unit

Aftercare for tooth extraction

After the Procedure

After the extraction you will be given gauze to bite down on to stem the flow of blood and to encourage the forming of a blood clot.

Slight Discomfort

As the extraction site heals, it is important that you do not disturb the blood clot.

This will allow the area to heal properly. Gentle brushing is permissible during this time.

Dry Socket

Avoid any activities that could potentially disturb the blood clot, as this could lead to a very painful condition called dry socket. Don’t drink using straws, avoid alcohol, and don’t smoke for 3 days. Be careful when brushing your teeth in the area.

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