Nervous Patients

At Bagenalstown Dental, we understand the needs of the nervous patient. The fact is that there is a large portion of patients who feel anxiety about many aspects of dental care.

As common as it is for patients to feel uneasiness before or during an appointment, there are a number of solutions for some of this dental anxiety.

It is not uncommon to fear a dental visit

It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of people avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear

— Colgate

Identifying the source of the nervousness

A key part of ensuring that we can help you through the nervousness that you are feeling is to have an understanding of what the source of your anxiety might be. For some it is a generalized concern about being at the dentist, while others may respond to visual or auditory stimuli.

The more that we understand the source of the stress, the better we will be able to find a solution that will encourage your comfort during your routine and not-so-routine visits.

Thorough understanding of the procedures

One of the best ways to help put your mind at ease about your visit to the dentist is to understand what you can expect during each and every procedure that you are expected to undergo.

Avoid being a “Google Researcher” about any procedures, and rather discuss it with your dentist and the staff who are knowledgeable about procedures that will directly pertain to you. Sharing your fears and concerns can help you to get clear information that can, in turn, help you to better understand what will happen during your treatment.

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  • Suggested solutions

    This list of suggested solutions can help nervous patients to relax during their visits. Whether the visit is for a routine checkup or for a more involved procedure, there are several solutions that you can incorporate.

    Prior to your appointment, you should take care to avoid eating or drinking things that could potentially make you feel worse. Caffeine alone can elevate your heart rate, and lead to additional anxiety that definitely won’t help you to remain cool and collected during your appointment. Keep your diet simple and easy prior to your appointment. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch, however. This can lead to feeling lightheaded in a situation where you are already feeling on the edge.

    Considering setting an appointment time that will be low-stress for you. For some patients, first thing in the morning is much less stressful. Others may find that afternoon appointments work best. Something as simple as the right time of day, where you don’t need to focus on rushing to another appointment, can make a world of difference.

  • Pre and post-appointment must-dos

    Prior to your appointment you should practice your breathing, and focus on the benefits of the treatment that you are about to undergo. It can be tempting to skip your appointment, but even a small cavity can quickly escalate into more serious decay and tooth loss. Focusing on just how important it is to maintain good dental health can give you more confidence in your ability to tackle any nervousness that you are faced with.

    Remember that when you have an open discussion with your dentist, it can lead to your feeling confident in your dentist’s ability to address and help you through your concerns about treatment.

    Aftercare can often play just as an important role in your dental fears as any other type of self-care you embark on. Quite often patients have had bad at-home experiences with pain or bleeding after procedures, and this can lead to being nervous about any future dental work. Be sure to discuss these concerns with your dentist. Keep up with post-procedure instructions, and call the office if you find that you are in more discomfort than you should be.

    Delaying your treatment will help you to cope with your nervousness. However, it won’t help you to resolve dental issues that can escalate and lead to loss of tooth, or the loss of bone. Working together we can keep your smile healthy, and help to ensure you are comfortable during every appointment.

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Deep and focused breaths during your procedures can help to focus your anxiety. Quite often, during stressful situations, we forget to monitor our breathing. This can lead to an increase in anxiety levels. Focus on your breathing. Deep breaths in, and deep breaths out. This will level your heart rate, and help to give you something else to focus on other than what your dentist is doing.

For more severe cases of nervousness, there are anti-anxiety medications that could be considered. Be sure to speak to your dentist about your concerns. With open communication, you can find the right solution for your nervousness.

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      Nervous Patients

      At Bagenalstown Dental, we understand the needs of the nervous patient. The fact is that there is a large portion of patients who feel anxiety about many aspects of dental care. Read More

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