Gum Shields

Keeping up with an active lifestyle is an important part of ensuring a fit and healthy body. But sometimes those very activities and sports can lead to injuries to your mouth, and damage to your teeth.

It’s very important that you take the right steps to protect your teeth and your whole mouth during activities that could lead to potentially painful and costly damage. A gum shield, specifically designed for wear during sporting and other rough activities can offer you that protection.

I have braces, do I need a gum shield?

Those who have traditional braces on their teeth are advised to avoid many types of sports and physical activities, due to the potential for serious injury to the mouth and damage to the braces if a direct facial hit is sustained.

While wearing the Invisalign aligners is an alternative to the traditional metal braces, there are still some solutions that can work for those who have the traditional braces. This does include wearing a gum shield while playing sports or engaging in otherwise physical activities.

A gum shield is often still recommended for patients who wear removable braces. This is to continue providing your teeth and mouth with the right protection when you are engaging in those physical activities. Removing your braces will keep them from damage, but wearing a gum shield will continue to protect your teeth and mouth from injury.

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  • Do I need to consider wearing a gum shield?

    Perhaps you don’t have braces? It can be tempting to think that you don’t need to consider the protection of your teeth during sports and other physical activities. The reality is that a gum shield can offer you great protection for your teeth, and for your mouth. If there is a reasonable chance that you’ll receive physical contact, it is a good idea to consider a gum shield.

    Gum shields are an essential addition to your gear if you play any contact sports, like hockey, rugby, lacrosse, or football.

  • The over the counter difference

    There are countless gum shields that can be purchased over the counter or online. While they are sure to be good products in their own right, the reality is that they are not always the ideal solution for every active person.

    The best option is to get a custom-made solution that has been created using an impression made of your teeth. Not only will this ensure that each of your teeth is afforded the protection that is needed during those active moments, but it will also give you the best in comfortable fit.

    It can be tempting to consider the less expensive option and opt for the over the counter gum shield solutions. However, consider the potential for serious damage to your teeth and the inside of your mouth in the event that you do sustain a direct blow to the face or mouth. It will most certainly be a much costlier affair to consider the potential costs related to repairing damage to teeth, and of course the pain from injuries sustained to the inside of your cheeks or your tongue.

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What gum shield is the best for me?

No two people have the same layout of teeth or same shape of their overall bite. This is why it’s essential that your dentist create an imprint of your teeth, or at the very minimum perform a thorough examination and have x-rays taken. A custom-made gum shield will give you the perfect fit, to meet your precise needs.

For adults, custom-made solutions are often the recommended course of action, as their teeth are often in a permanent and non-moveable position by this point. For children or teenagers, who have adult and milk teeth present, it can be a little bit more complicated.

This is because the milk teeth may fall out naturally, and the shape of the overall bite may alter within a relatively short period of time. Creating a custom-made gum shield for a child or teenager is not often the ideal option, as it is likely to fit correctly for only a short amount of time.

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As soon as an active teenager has all of his or her adult teeth in, it’s recommended to them wear a custom-made gum shield in order to get the best possible protection for his or her teeth, jaw, and overall mouth.

Gum shields may seem like just one more piece of protection to wear when you are taking part in some outdoor activities. This one more piece of protective wear can however protect your teeth if they are jarred suddenly or sustain a direct hit. They can also help to minimize injuries if you bite your cheek, lips, or tongue during an injury or fall.

At Bagenalstown Dental we can make you a customised gumshield with your choice of club colours and your name attached to it.

Protect Your Teeth


Broken and damaged teeth will be very costly to fix, potentially cause internal damage to your mouth, and also be extremely painful.  Prevent the damage by protecting your teeth with a mouth guard.

Outdoor Activities

You should wear a mouth guard during any sport or activity whereby your teeth could get damaged, these include hockey, hurling, rugby just to name a few

A Worthy Investment

A broken tooth may need a dental crown or rebuilding or extraction.  A missing tooth may require a partial or a full denture, dental replacement options such as tooth implants.  A custom built mouth-guard will help prevent this damage to being with.

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