• Emergency Dental Treatment

      Emergency Dental Treatment

      As much as we like to try and plan our day to day, sometimes we simply cannot plan and control some of the things that life throws at us. Read More

    • Gum Shields

      Gum Shields

      Keeping up with an active lifestyle is an important part of ensuring a fit and healthy body. But sometimes those very activities and sports can lead to injuries to your mouth. Read More

    • Hygienist Treatments

      Hygienist Treatments

      Even patients who practice a perfect home oral care routine can find it beneficial to have a complete and professional treatment by our dental hygienist. Read More

    • Nervous Patients

      Nervous Patients

      At Bagenalstown Dental, we understand the needs of the nervous patient. The fact is that there is a large portion of patients who feel anxiety about many aspects of dental care. Read More

    • Root Canal Treatment

      Root Canal Treatment

      Root canal therapy may have an undeserved stigma attached to it, but the procedure itself is relatively painless for the patient. Read More

    • Tooth Extraction

      Tooth Extraction

      We can all appreciate a beautiful and healthy smile. Healthy teeth equate a healthy and happy smile. Read More

    • Tooth Fillings

      Tooth Fillings

      Whether you’ve spotted the cavity yourself, or your dentist has pointed it out to you during a routine examination, there is no time to waste when it comes to getting tooth fillings done. Read More


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